Clients Testimonials

The best hairstylist I know so far in Brooklyn. Your Hair service experience will be a memorable and unregretable one. Her weaves look so natural and neat her corn rows “Tun Up.” Celebrity hairdo at affordable cost. Very pleased.

The Best Hairstylist

“I was recommended by a friend 5 years ago and I’m still impressed with her consistency.”

I was recommended by a friend

“I’ve gone to many hairstylists over the years and no one has ever gotten it right but Shernette she’s the queen of cutting, curling and weaving hair for every woman. She knows what style enhances your face.”

She knows what style enhances your face

“I met Shernette at the tender age of 17 and she’s been my #1 stylist ever since. She has been my go to person for everything hair. She’s amazing with her hands, she has managed to teach me how to pin-curl, flat-iron, and maintain my hair overall. She also helped me embrace my not-so small fore-head, and have me realize how beautiful I am. Her salon is clean, and always a professional setting. I love every experience; I have at Shernette, everyone memorable.”

She’s been my #1 stylist ever since

“The first time I went to Shernette was about 3 years ago and I never forget how I felt when she was finished doing my hair. I felt confident, beautiful, fabulous, and in charge. Three years has gone by and my feelings are still the same each time, she had NEVER disappoint! Shernette is professional, very knowledgeable, delicate, and her passion/love for hair shows in her work. I have recommended many of my friends and family to Shernette and they too have been very satisfied. Shernette is an excellent hairstylist and I do recommend her for any of your hair care needs.
Happy Customer of 3 years and counting,

Shernette is an excellent hairstylist

“Shernette has been my hairdresser for over 5 years. I’m always pleased with each sitting. She is absolutely awesome at her craft. She is patient and very neat. She takes directions well and ensures that she serves exactly what her customers want. She takes time to treat and prep all natural hair before any installation. She takes great pride in her work and it shows in the end result.
I have felt comfortable and trusted her enough to venture into trying colors. I’m now a blonde fanatic. I never thought I could have rocked any other color besides black. Her confidence in her craft has definitely made me more comfortable and open to trying new things.”

Shernette has been my hairdresser for over 5 years

“Shernette’s hairline Tysea is the BEST. I have been using Tysea for the past 3 years and it’s the best hair that I’ve ever used hands down. It’s long lasting, keeps it’s body, does not shed excessively and the hair remains soft and versatile. I will give Tysea 2 thumbs up. Make Shernette your go to hairstylist today and have NO REGRETS, I certainly don’t!”

NO REGRETS, I certainly don’t!

“I was referred to Shernette by a close friend of mine and I haven’t left her since. She is by far the most professional hair stylist that I have ever been to and I’ve been to many. Shernette’s work ethics and attitude is one to admire. I’m thankful to have found a hair dresser that I feel comfortable with and one that values their customers time. Shernette is by far the best!”

Shernette is by far the best!